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Presentation: Contrasting responses of urban and rural surface    energy budgets to heat waves
Speaker: Prof. Dan LI
Affiliation: Boston University/GFDL
Abstract. Heat waves (HWs) are projected to become more frequent and last longer over most land areas in the late 21st century, which raises serious public health concerns. Urban residents face higher health risks due to the urban heat island (UHI) effect and synergies between HWs and urban heat islands (i.e., UHIs are higher under HW conditions). This presentation will primarily focus on the responses of urban and rural surface energy budgets to HWs using a combination of experimental data, numerical simulations and analytical model results. It is found that UHIs increase significantly during HWs, especially during the nighttime, implying synergies between HWs and UHIs. The synergies are primarily caused by the lack of water in cities, which prevent cities from increasing evaporation under HWs, and also the larger heat storage in cities, which is released after HWs. The results highlight the important role of water in linking urban microclimate and global climate change.

Presentation: farmland evapotranspiration stable isotope flux and Segmentation study
Speaker: Dr. Gong Daozhi
Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Presentation: Has long-term large-scale ecological project significantly reduced the frequency of sandstorms in China - China National Ecological Project Review and its impact on the environment
Speaker: Dr.Wang Feng
Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Forestry

Time: 15:00, Aug 31, 2015
Venue: Room 319, Building 40, IAP

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