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The Tongyu Field Station

The Tongyu Field Station is a long-term land-atmosphere observation and research facility operated by TEA. It was established in 2002, and consists of a grassland site and cropland site to represent dominant land surface in semi-arid northern China. It was designed to conduct long-term observation on the human activities, land-atmosphere exchange, and ecological processes; to investigate impact of land use, and water resources use on the regional water and energy budget; to provide observation data for land surface processes and climate modeling; and to serve as a scientific experiment platform for the research of orderly human activities and their ecological effects.

Coordinated Observation and Synthesis Network

TEA launched and organized a network of coordinated observation and synthesis of land-atmosphere energy, water, and CO2 exchanges in arid and semi-arid China since 2007,by working closely with 25 field research stations operated by various research institutes and universities over the region. It is a science driven, volunteer, and mutual benefit network that bring those stations together with common observation protocols, instruments calibration, and data quality control to ensure data compatibility. Post calibrated data from all participant stations are shared within the network, along with field-satellite integrated spatial dataset. Training on observation and data analysis are also regularly organized in the project.

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