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TEA Missions and Scope
  1. To understand the processes and mechanisms of the monsoon environment system in East Asia
  2. To develop the theories and tools for the predicting regional environmental changes in next 10-30 years;
  3. To provide science support on orderly human activities for sustainable development in East Asia,  especially in China

TEA Research foci

  1. Integrated studies on the monsoon environmental system of East Asia under global change;
  2. Comprehensive field experiments and synthesis on the effects of orderly human activities to life support environment;
  3. Investigate abrupt changes and extremes of the regional Earth system and climate

Some Key Issues in East Asia

  1. Intensified monsoon climate change and extremes
  2. Heavy pressures on natural ecosystems from human disturbances and climate change, sensitive temperate ecosystems to warming
  3. Major landuse change and consequences
  4. Large scale urban expansion and exposure to extremes and disasters
  5. Increased human population and vulnerable food security
  6. Declined water supply and quality
  7. Changing coast: land-ocean-atmosphere and human interface
  8. Sensitive cryosphere: snow and permafrost

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