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Regional integrated environmental model system (RIEMS)
From Earth system point of view, the East Asia monsoon system may not be considered as a purely physical system; instead, it is a coupled physical/ biological/ chemical/ social system. Recognized the regionality of East Asia monsoon climate, a regional integrated environmental model system (RIEMS) was developed by TEA. RIEMS was built on the thermodynamic frame of PSU/NCAR MM5, into which a land surface scheme BATS1e and radiative transfer scheme- the revised CCM3 are integrated. RIEMS considers both large scale forcing and regional anthropogenic forcing. The latest version RIEMS is further featured with regional ocean, dynamic vegetation, hydrology, and atmospheric chemistry modules.

Atmosphere-Vegetation Interaction Model (AVIM)

AVIM is a fully coupled biosphere-atmosphere processes model developed by TEA scientists. It consists of two interactive modules: PHY, a land surface physical process module; VEG, a vegetation eco-physiological process module, which includes photosynthesis, respiration, allocation, litter fall, and phenology processes. It is used to simulate responses and feedbacks of vegetation to regional climate dynamics.

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